What is Health Hub?

Health Hub provides complete corporate fitness and wellness programs for firms of all sizes in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area. Our packaged services from on-site fitness classes to individual health coaching are customized to meet your company’s unique needs.

Why Should I Offer Fitness and Wellness Programs at my Firm?

+ Improve Quality of Work

+ Avoid Increases in Health Insurance Costs

+ Increase Positivity and Efficiency

+ Attract Quality Talent

+ Enhance Office Environment and Morale

+ Offer Work/Life Health Balance


Meet the Team

Fitness and Wellness Professionals who are Welcoming, Knowledgeable and Dedicated to Personal Improvement

Brandiece Anderson

Brandiece Anderson

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

Brandiece’s innate ability to nurture and support others led her to obtain degree in Psychology before studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Brandiece learned from wellness experts and studied innovative coaching methods, holistic nutrition, disease prevention, practical lifestyle management techniques, and over 100 dietary theories. She provides one on one health coaching and wellness workshops that are centered around prevention through education, and are developed to increase overall well-being. She puts the power back in her clients hands, by co-creating with them based on their unique goals and vision of health.

Mara Prendergast

Mara Prendergast

Pilates, Strength, & Barre Group

Mara has taught and has been certified in group fitness since 2002. She completed the 450 hour Pilates Sports Center Instructor Training and Barre Instructor Training in 2015. She has concurrently worked in a corporate office environment while teaching group fitness for 15 years, so Mara is especially knowledgeable and focused on improving employee mobilty, functional strength and flexibility, and spine health which often deteriorate in desk jobs. Mara teaches Pilates, barre, high intensity impact training, and interval training class formats. She is dedicated to providing customized fitness guidance to all her class attendees.

Aubrey Lincoln

Aubrey Lincoln

Wellness Programming & Yoga

Aubrey’s studies and personal application in functional fitness training and nutrition as a crucial factor for peak performance began as a collegiate athlete and evolved into a holistic lifestyle and career with the inclusion of yoga – a practice that takes you to you. After completing her basketball career, Aubrey worked as a Fitness Specialist and developed Wellness Programs for Senior Living Communities. With an expansive education in kinesiology, exercise physiology, yoga, and continuing studies in Ayurveda, she is eager to share her knowledge, reach new audiences, and improve and create wholesome lives, both professionally and personally.

Spencer Rowett

Spencer Rowett

Strength and Endurance Training

Spencer has been passionate about fitness his whole life. Growing up he played multiple sports including rugby, lacrosse, golf, and other extreme sports like motocross, surfing, and snowboarding. After high school he joined the military where his athleticism was put to the test. It was in the military where Spencer picked up the practice of strength training. Since then he has devoted his life to helping others succeed in the gym through strength training, endurance training, and multiple other training modalities. He is very passionate about how exercise affects our daily lives and the benefits that it provides both physically and mentally as well as emotionally and spiritually.


complete wellness programming including packages or individual services:

Fitness Classes

On-Site Fitness and yoga classes for your employees

Performance Assessments

Functional performance assessments to track progress and encourage growth

Health and Wellness Coaching

Health and wellness coaching for employees to encourage healthy habits


Corporate Retreat Planning

Corporate retreat planning services available for your company or firm


Grocery Tours

Grocery tours to encourage healthy grocery shopping habits

Daily Workout Videos

Video access to daily workouts for your staff



Personalized Stretch Routines

Personalized stretch routines to improve flexibility


Life Coaching

Life coaching available to staff to promote a healthy lifestyle

Conference Wellness Programming

Conference wellness programming services available to your company or firm


Massage services available to your employees

Incentive Programs

Program participation incentive program to encourage and inspire

Walking Clubs

Walking clubs open for staff to join

Interactive Health Seminars

Interactive health seminars to educate staff and provide knowledge

Office Kitchen/Break Room Nutrition Overhaul

Office kitchen/break room nutrition overhaul to promote healthy eating in the office

Complete Wellness and Fitness Packages Start at $500 per month

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