How air ambulance differs from an ambulance?


Since we are living in the busiest world where it is common to hear about road accidents. Every second there is someone who got injured in an accident due to overloaded traffic and population, sometimes it’s not possible for the ambulance to reach on time. Keeping in mind those factors only it has been decided to serve people with medical services through the air which provides services on time. It gives the highest level of attention to the patients, especially critical care.

Incredible features

Facilitates heating and air conditioning: It has the facility to provide patients heat or the cold environment as per the situation. In addition to this, they also provide proper ventilation which maintains a compatible atmosphere in the ambulance cab.

A highly trained team of experts: The services are provided by professional and trained nurses who are specialized in the field of handling issues with sudden accidents and patient care.

Operates through the internet: They go there all the works with the use of wireless networks and internet so that there is no breach of connection while collecting information about the patient.

Quick-response: As they provide services usually on jet-plains, therefore, there is an issue regarding traffic. Thus they reach the spot on time which increases the chances of saving the life of people.

Air Ambulance
Air Ambulance

Suitable for natural calamities: This medium of providing medical care is very much helpful while natural disasters like earthquake or flood because they do not have to face the shortcomings of a normal ambulance.

Medical equipment: They have all the necessary and advanced equipment like the proper supply of oxygen, facial masks, nasal cannulas, heart monitor and emergency drug kit.

How it differs from an ambulance

It will be clear with the brief description of both.

Ambulance: It is a vehicle which facilitates people with emergency medical services. Every medical institution owns an ambulance which helps the patient to reach safely to the hospital. There is complete facility is available within like the proper supply of oxygen, ECG machine and so on to take intense care of the patient. It provides services to the people who got injured in road accidents or a normal person who wants treatment on time.

Air ambulance: By the name only it is clear that the medical services provided by air transport. It consists of a highly experienced team of medical experts who give the highest level of attention from basic to critical care. They give services for almost every cases like burn and wounds, stroke and cancer as well.


Since there are so many satisfied patients who have enjoyed the services of hospitality through the air, it has become very popular and preferred the most among the people. Their charges are also affordable which does not include an unnecessary addition to intense services.