5 Important Things to Do When You Are Faking Pregnancy

It is true that you should have fun in your love life, but it doesn’t mean that you should give a shock to every person around you. There are also some crazy women those who have got themselves caught red-handedly while they still try to justify themselves. Having a fake baby bump is an easy way to get priorities in line, having a comfortable reserve seat and all the other benefits, as everything is okay within limits only. Here are shown some crucial factors which you should consider while faking a pregnancy.

Go for pee consistently

In a plane, you can be able to get a reserved seat in the business class with your economy class ticket, if you have a baby bump. While you have to act like going to pee consistently. Otherwise, people around you will easily notice that you are faking the pregnancy.

Mood swings

If you have never had any experience of pregnancy, then you may not know about the mood swings at a time of pregnancy. For a perfect performer, it is important to be prepared, while it does not mean that you have to be aggressive and threatening to others. You need to be more emotional as you can cry and laugh watching daily soaps.

Fake- ultrasound

Weird eating habits

Who would like to eat weird eatables like pickles? While for pregnant ladies that is not the case. If you are faking a pregnancy then you should be ready to eat pickles with ice-cream also.

Do not sleep much

You really need to act like a pregnant lady then you should avoid holding your bed for a long time. You need to look like a person who is not getting enough sleep or you need to be very good enough with your makeup which makes it seem like that you are not getting enough sleep.

Other important things

To make others believe, you can also get a fake ultrasound sonogram inspection. Using which you can also give the proof of your pregnancy to others. While you can also get other stuff and craps on your house which will make it all look like a real thing.

Fake- ultrasound
Fake ultrasound

Faking is also not an easy task. While there is always a chance that you will get caught. But if you are able to clear all the task with your good acting performance then you can be able to enjoy the luxury treatment like a mistress from the others.

5 Rules For A Normal And Healthy Vagina

5 Rules For A Normal And Healthy Vagina

Every woman should show concern about their vagina health. Naturally, the vagina has an acidic PH and it contains some beneficial bacteria which helps to prevent the infection. These bacteria maintain the acidic environment around the vagina which helps to protect the vagina from infection. Most of the women once in a lifetime has suffered from the vagina infections. Healthy and hygienic habits can help women to stave off infections.  Follow these rules to keep your vagina healthy.


Protect the PH balance of the vagina


yeast infection treatment
yeast infection treatment


The PH of the vagina normally stands between 3.8 to 4.5. Most women use douches to maintain the PH level but douching can actually interfere with your vagina PH levels and can set the stage for infections. If your vagina has an unpleasant odor or smells then contact the doctor because douche can only cover the smell, they do not cure the problem. Also, avoid harsh cleanser and soaps, they also affect the PH level.


Monitor changes and imbalances to your vagina

A healthy vagina secretes some amounts of discharge on regular basis but most of the women are not aware of this. It usually shedding of the vaginal and cervical cells. Other than this if you monitor some changes then firstly know what is normal for your vagina and then see your doctor.


Maintain a healthy diet



You might not realize that a nutritious, balanced diet and plenty of water are the keys to a healthy vagina and reproductive parts. Even some certain foods help effectively to treat the vagina problems like yogurt. Yogurt helps in preventing the vaginal yeast infections and treat them as they are rich in probiotics and lactobacillus bacteria which help to regain the disturbed PH level. Eating yogurts and highly nutritious foods can be very helpful to keep your vagina healthy.


Treat infections

There is some common type of vagina infections like yeast infection, bacteria vaginosis, and trichomoniasis. If anybody is prone to the yeast infection or any other infection, there are some symptoms like itching, burning, white discharge they will suffer. There is a number of ways for yeast infection treatment naturally and through medicines as well.


Practice protected intercourse



Using prevention during intercourse like condoms help you to protect from infections and keep the germs away. It also protects you from sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, herpes, gonorrhea and many more in which some of these diseases have no cure.



A healthy vagina should be considered by every woman. These are some techniques and rules which can help you to keep your vagina healthy and hygienic and also prevent many infections.